Evaluate optical density to get concentrations of your ELISA

Today I was doing a quick ELISA and realized that the reader was old and produced the results in PDF only. This poses multiple problems as they need to be manually rewritten to a file and post-processed later. Additionally the optical density measurments in my software are automatically calculated into concentration based on some shady functions which I never understood. I decided to change this and learn this and that about analysing ELISA results.

R package as a reproducible piece of scientific communication

Why do scientists still use journal articles as main form of sharing their research? The paper publication has been with the academics since ages and it surely does need an update. The variety of outputs we have to offer ar modern scientists had dramatically evolved and contains multigiabyte databases along with high quality images, and simple text output. We therefore need a modern medium which allows sharing such sophisticated data and paper simply is not suited for this.